What to choose for file compression, WinRAR v/s 7-Zip

In today’s digital world, ever increasing data storage is the only constant. Hence file compression and decompression are needed to address this problem of WinRAR v/s 7-Zip.

Although Windows natively supports compression and decompression of zip files through the file explorer context menu accessed by the mouses right click people still prefer to have that extra option at their disposals.

Files are compressed in a wide range of formats ranging from .zip to .7z, .rar, .cab, and .iso, etc. People commonly use WinRAR compression/decompression software to deal with these problems.

WinRAR inspite being quite good software is kind of a nagware that constantly reminds the user to buy the software after the end of the 40-day trial period.

What are file compression and decompression (Explaining WinRAR v/s 7-Zip)?

File Compression is the method by which the original file is encoded into a new file represented by a lesser number of bits than its original file.

File Decompression is the method of recovering the original file from its encoded and compressed format.

Cons of using WinRAR for file compression:

  • It has a trial period of about 40 days.
  • It becomes a nagware to constantly remind us of buying the complete software after the trial period is over.
  • After the end of trial period, some of the features are locked.

What is the solution/recommended software for file archiving?

There is a host of file archivers such as 7-Zip, PeaZip, WinZip, etc but we have found 7-Zip to be better than the others in quite a number of aspects.

What is 7-Zip?

7-Zip is the open-source file archiver developed by the Russian Freelance Programmer Igor Pavlov.

File Compression - 7 Zip

The 7-Zip File manager

Pros of using 7-Zip for file compression:

  • Provides better file compression in the range of 2-10% in the .zip format.
  • Gives even better results when using the default .7z file format.
  • Open source and freeware.
  • Available on all the major OS platforms.
  • It also integrates with the file explorer right click context menu just like WinRAR.

WinRAR v/s 7-Zip

Inspite of all these jurisdictions if you still prefer to use WinRAR you still can by the way or you can download and try 7-Zip.

Download WinRAR from the link below:


Download 7-Zip from the link below:


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