Why & When to use a VPN Service?

By now you are familiar with VPN Service’s and what does it do. If you don’t, we have linked one of our previous article below. The question most users have is when to use a VPN service & Why to use one? The question of WHY can be answered in one simple sentence: To encrypt your network traffic & protect yourself from hackers, eavesdroppers & government surveillance programs. VPN protects you from such sniffing/snooping activities and makes you surf the internet safely. Now the question remains as to WHEN to use a VPN Service.


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When to use a VPN Service?

If you are living in a secluded home away from humans or using a Wired connection in your home on your desktop, you do not need a VPN.

If you are browsing/surfing the internet in an Airport/Cafe/Hotels or any public location showing Free Wifi, you definitely need a VPN since these are the most prone areas.

If you are a journalist or if you think you are being monitored by someone, you need a VPN.


If you want to watch a video on youtube/Netflix or you want to download a file that is regionally locked (limited to a specific country), you need a VPN.

If you want to upload some files without anyone knowing about it, you need a VPN.

If you want to make protected VOIP Calls, you need a VPN.

If you want to use Search Engines without them tracking you or having your search history logged, you need a VPN.


Final Conclusion:

Privacy & Security has become a dire need today, you are better off with using a free VPN service rather than not using a VPN at all.As the saying goes, Something is better than Nothing, right?

When to use a VPN Service

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