What’s new in iOS 11

Apple recently released another beta update for their iOS 11. However, the new version support is only limited to 64bit devices i.e. iPod touch 6th generation and iPhone 5s and higher. iOS 11 really shines with iPhone’s that support Force Touch, the user experience on Force Touch supported iPhone’s is beyond amazing. In this article, we have put together few comparisons between the iOS 10 and iOS 11 beta to give you a general idea about the new features and what you can expect in the official update.

1) Notification center in iOS 11


In iOS 11 the Notification Center blends into the Home Screen.

2) Control Center

iOS 11

Finally, you can now edit and organize the Control Center the way you would like it to be. Apple also included the much requested ‘screen recording widget’. Now, you don’t have to rely on any third-party application to record the screen.

3) App Store

With iOS 11, Apple completely redesigned the App Store as well. The UI looks clean and they have grouped together previously divided Games and Apps categories. Also, this newer App Store design takes lesser time to load than iOS 10.

4) Multitasking

The Multitasking window now gives a nice animation and a haptic vibration feedback when there are no apps running in the background.

Some minor changes in iOS 11

1) Status Bar

There’s a slight change in the battery icon and the network strength indicator.

2) Dock

Apps placed inside the dock now has a much cleaner look to it.

3) Overall 3D animation

There’s a nice 3D animation when you open/close an application.

4) Notes App

Apple’s stock Notes app is now capable of scanning documents as well. Thereby, eliminating the need for any third-party application such as ‘Cam Scanner’.

5) Siri

With the newest version of iOS, Siri also gets a fresh designing touch and is now smarter than she was in iOS 10.

6) Photos App

Apple claims to have improved the storage optimization with iOS 11. This can be very beneficial for users with 16GB storage. Force Touch iPhone’s can take better advantage of the various custom effects in the Photos App, it makes Live photos more impressive.


3D Touch devices can take greater advantage for it. There are various custom effects in the photos app which makes Live Photo more impressive.

If you want to install iOS 11 developer beta version 6 without Apple ID you can check out the Cyrus installer app.

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