What does your Internet Service Provider know/see about you?

The internet is a tricky place to be since we live in the 21st century where information is shared unknowingly even if we like it or not. The Internet Service Providers, commonly known as ISP are the parties that offer us our internet services. We are in the assumption that whatever we surf on the web, is known only to us. (which is certainly not the case)

The job of an ISP is to connect us to the web but the process of connection is not as simple as it seems. We contacted some of our ISPs to know if they could share some insight personally on the issue. The answers were not quite shocking to us but it did make us aware of how much unprotected we are and a thing or two about privacy.

What does your Internet Service Provider know?

Here is their answer:

“Sir, our primary job is to connect you to the internet. When you surf a website, we know about it since the IP address of the websites is logged into our servers. From the IP addresses, we can easily know what you surf on the web even if somehow you manage to mask the direct name of the website. Although if the server is somehow using a dynamic IP address, it might be hard but not impossible. Since the DNS requests are not protected/unencrypted we can easily see the domains you visit (google.com/facebook.com). The tricky thing here is that we do not know what you see on the website, or what you type on those particular sites. The logged data includes timestamps, visit duration, port numbers etc but this is for protected sites with an SSL certificate. (Encrypted Traffic)”

“When you visit a site with no SSL or no protection, we can see everything you do, for eg: what page you are on, what content you are watching or what you type etc. But we really don’t have time to see what each user does and it’s against our policy to be nosy in other people’s business. There is a strict rule to this and we might get fired if we are caught doing so. The logged data is usually deleted from a period of 1-3 years.”

A spokesperson from D-VoiS Communications Pvt Ltd said:

“We are not aware of what you surf but the server which handles your connection has all data. We use a dial-up connection for most users, so when there is a criminal case, the police directly come to us. The account information is given to them and they can see what the person has surfed and what sites he has visited.”

Why do you collect the data?

“I’m not knowledgeable enough to answer that question but I think it is just to manage the networks in a better and uncluttered manner”.

Next time you surf the web, know what you are giving up. Read more about ISPs : Here

What does your Internet Service Provider know