Exceptional Uses of Google Drive Space

We are familiar with the famous cloud storing medium of Google, the Google Drive. Google Drive give a new user 15GB of storage space by default which includes Gmail, Photos and the Drive itself. We cannot increase the Drive space by referring to friends like DropBox. Although, Google does security checkups of accounts every year, which if we complete, gives us an extra 2GB of space and that’s how I have a total of 19Gb of space on my google drive. (Not bad, eh?)

But I got a much bigger shock when the University I go to, gave me unlimited storage to use. Yes, Unlimited.Thinking what all to store in this space, given to me as a boon by my university.


So this is a small guide: Exceptional Uses of Google Drive Space

1] Upload your tv series and watch it as a private youtube channel.

Your Favourite TV series can be uploaded to Google Drive and you can watch it as if you have your own Private Youtube channel. So now those GB’s of TV series will be handy and ready to be streamed anywhere with a decent wifi or data.

2] Sync app & game data to Drive Once and for all.

It gets frustrating when we lose our game data while playing. Recently many apps and games are rolling out permissions for saving data on Drive, so you can have a peace of mind that your data is safe.

3] Create Work & Personal Forms & send all the input data from users to your Gmail account. Click Here to Know how.

Create surveys, polls, opinions etc with Google forms & integrate with Google Drive.

4] Use Google Drive App on Android/IOS to scan documents directly to your Drive.

5] Directly save pages as PDF by printing pages “Ctrl + P” and clicking on “Save to Drive”. (Also available on mobile by clicking “Share”)

There is no need to install the Drive plugin on Chrome and make your browser laggier. Just Ctrl + P and “Save to Drive”

6] Look for files in Google Drive using the search box

Files can be searched using various combinations of searches. Though this feature is only available in Chrome, it is very handy.

Uses of Google Drive Space


Other small imp features: Labels, Managing Revisions, Sharing files and collaborating with others, Tracking Analytics of documents.

Please feel free to share any of your own Uses of Google Drive Space.