Resources to Test Website Speed & Appearance around the globe

The location of the web hosting server plays a major role in the site speed since the website rendered at a nearby location will be rendered fast for a user than a user requesting for the same website halfway around the globe. We were testing our own site for research purposes and we came to some finite conclusions. The location server of the hosting company matters.

We have two websites & which are located on Hostgator in US & India. They both take different time frames to load on a browser but if when we tested it from different locations, we received different results.

Resources to Test Website Speed:

1] PageSpeed Insights – Google Developers

This tool from Google stays on top for this kind of research. Although it does not show the time taken to load the page, it will show the changes you need to make it faster. It also shows a score out of 100. Anything in the range of 80-90+ is great.

2] Pingdom

Pingdom shows different performance insights, Response codes, Content size by content type, Content size by domain & many other things. The drawback is, it only has four servers where you can test from. If that is not an issue, it is a great site altogether.

Test Website Speed

3] KeyCDN

We are not sure why this tool is not popular as the others since it shows insights in greater detail than many other similar websites. KeyCDN provides 14 different server locations to test your websites.

4] Gtmetrix

A similar tool like the others mentioned above with much simple insights to discover. You can compare other websites with yours too.We did have some issues understanding this tool since sometimes the results changed on every run.

Test Website Speed


Resources to Test Website Appearance:

There are mainly only two tools we found useful to test the Appearance of a website.

1] Geopeeker

A small tool to see how a site appears to the rest of the globe with 6 different locations. Shows the server IP with the load speed.

2] Shotsherpa

It provides 8 screenshots from 8 random cities from a list which is more than 200+ cities. Only Drawback: No Load time is specified.

Test Website Speed

Final Conclusion

There is no perfect way to decide a site’s speed to Test Website Speed since every tool measures speed and load time differently and focuses on different aspects of the score to give out their results. You can rely on these tools for an overview of insights but do not depend on them completely as the metrics and method of scoring may change.