What are supercomputers exactly used for?

A supercomputer is a term every tech geek loves to hear. A computer much faster and powerful than any normal computer, but also costlier than any consumer PC on the planet. These types of computers are generally used for scientific research & engineering etc. These computers operate at exceptionally high speeds and they are no undoubtedly of very high maintenance. Unlike normal computers, these machines do millions of operations and use parallel processing. There are enormous Uses of supercomputers and we  have tried to name and explain most of them. Here are most popular uses of such machines:

Uses of supercomputers:

Scientific Research: – supercomputer

a] Predicting Climate Change: Since climate keeps changing regularly (Thanks to Global Warming & Human Civilization),  the challenge of predicting global climate is enormous. Supercomputers help to map out the areas of sudden climate change and alert the citizens.

b] Predicting Natural Calamities: Just like climate change, these machines are great at predicting natural calamities too. Being safe than sorry, countries more prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis etc have started to invest in these machines to minimize the loss in both life and material.

c] Medical Field: In the medical field, the possibilities are endless. Protein Folding, DNA Research, Cancer Research, Neurological Research, Cloning etc.

d] Nuclear Weapons: Even though the United Nations has strictly ordered the dissembling of Nuclear Weapons, barely any countries has obediently followed the order. Countries need such machines to approximate the quantity of compound and other chemicals used in a weapon. They can also predict the amount of damage a weapon can cause, the type of damage and the area of damage.

Data Mining: Supercomputers are used to extract info from raw data or metadata from data dumps and then this information is used for market research or business prediction or stock market prediction. Life Insurance companies use supercomputers to minimize their actuarial risks.

Astrodynamics: It is the term used to describe the application of Newtonian mechanics to man-made objects in space, such as rockets and spacecraft. Supercomputers help scientists to approximate a perfect timing and location of a rocket launch, where it has to be launched, at what angle it has to be launched or what type of fuel is need to launch a rocket & spaceship. There are many factors which revolve around astrodynamics and supercomputers help scientists solve it.

Uses of supercomputers

Top 1o Super Computers in the World: (2017)

1] Sunway TaihuLight – 93.015 TFlop/s

2] Tianhe-2 – 33.863 TFlop/s

3] Titan – 17.590 TFlop/s

4] Sequoia – 17.173 TFlop/s

5] Cori – 14.015 TFlop/s

6] Oakforest-PACS – 13.555 TFlop/s

7] K computer – 10.510 TFlop/s

8] Piz Daint – 9.779 TFlop/s

9] Mira – 8.587 TFlop/s

10] Trinity – 8.101 TFlop/s