How to Recover a Lost Android Smartphone

Losing a Smart Phone can be heartbreaking, especially if it costs a fortune. Apple’s ecosystem has an inbuilt app/feature termed as Find My iPhone where you can find and locate a lost cell phone. The recovery rate really depends on smartphone to smartphone but in reality, the iPhone has a bit better recovery rate. Android has no such inbuilt of this sort but it does come with a web application portal called “Find my Device”. We do not guarantee you will be able to Recover Android Smartphone by a 100% success rate but it’s better to be have something than nothing.


Google’s Find My Device

If you lose you Android smartphone, hop on to the site and it will ask for your Gmail ID & Password. Use the same ID & Password used as the primary google account on the device. Hopefully, you can see the location of your device if your Data & Location Services is On.

Once your device is found you can either play sounds, lock or wipe out your phone.
Note: You can do this even if your device is not located, thus it will perform the operation you specify as soon as the device comes online/is located by Google Application.

Recover Android Smartphone
Recover Android Smartphone

Crook Catcher

This small app does exactly what says. Once you install on your device, give it the needed permissions, and you are done. If it gets lost or stolen, the thief will obviously try to steal it and unlock your phone (Provided its lock, otherwise even God can’t help you), once it detects a wrong password, the app will take an image from the front camera, location & emails it to you.

Recover Android Smartphone
Recover Android Smartphone

Android Lost

Android Lost does way more things than the earlier options and some of them are way more than we will ever use. You can read messages, lock your smartphone, Wipe it, Track it, Start/Stop GPS/WiFi and way much more. You can read everything on the app description: Here.

Note: This is a relatively old application so the working condition & functionality of it cannot be guaranteed by us.


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