Different ways to Use Raspberry Pi

We have all heard about the latest model of Raspberry Pi, the Raspberry Pi 3. The Latest model from the United Kingdom Based Company is way better than the previous two models they launched and boasts aQuad-Coree 1.2GHz Broadcom BCM2837 64bit CPU & 1GB RAM. Yes… It’s not much but it is still a knowledgeable machine on its own for enthusiasts. We have listed down some raspberry pi uses that you might find useful if you someday if you plan to buy one.

A personal media service

The raspberry pi can be used as an excellent personal media service in the Living Room of your apartment. You can play videos, music, podcasts etc and it won’t cost you a hole in your pocket.

raspberry pi uses

File storage server

You can tune your raspberry pi to act as a File Storage server or even a cloud-based server if you like! You would need some R & D to get it up and started but it would be worth the efforts. Buy some thumb drives & start setting up as a NAS Drive following this link. You won’t be limited to storing Movies & Music in this but can actually store anything you like with the limitation of playing them live on a screen.

Use it as a wifi extender

Yes! This device can be used as a great Wifi Extender very easily but the only downfall? There are much cheaper alternatives on the market from Tp-Link. So unless you are a total nerd, you would probably want to stick with the cheaper and easy tech. You can Find the Link to use your raspberry pie as a Wifi Extender Here.

Learning programming from the scratch | Scratch

The Raspberry pie acts as a great tool to learn programming, especially from scratch. From Scratch, we mean that Scratch is a programming language that is very easy to learn and implement even for children. That does not mean it is meant for other programming languages.

Play old school games / Minecraft

The raspberry pi can certainly take you to the 90’s where you can relive those amazing moments of 2d games like Dave. It is also powerful enough to play Minecraft. Yea Right!

raspberry pi uses

Install Kali Linux and use it as a penetration testing device

Kali Linux is fully supported on the raspberry pi & it can act as a great learning environment for security and penetration testing. You can read about it more here.

Use it as a VPN Service

There are a lot of projects where you can read about using a raspberry pi as a VPN Service. We have covered more on VPN in an earlier article which you can read here. To get started with building with a VPN server, can you click here.

A supercomputer!

We have saved the best for the last because we are going to start this project soon. A bunch of raspberry pie can be put together to use as a cluster which will act as a mini-supercomputer. You can get started here.


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