Whats with numerous Google Messaging Apps?

Google has rolled out many messaging apps since Android came into existence. Till now it has 6-7 apps for conversations, the real question is why does Google keep creating and publish so many apps and later killing them silently. A few years ago, Google Talk was the most popular chat medium of the company. Google silently killed it by creating Hangouts and we haven’t heard a single word about Google Talk.

All Google Messaging Apps till now:

Google Talk: The dead medium which we used earlier in early 2000’s. The entire project was killed and it is no longer used or updated by Google. This chat medium was superseded by Hangouts chat. Nobody uses Google Talk today and although Google Talk is attached to Gmail, it stays there unused, lonely and waiting for someone. Its initial release was in 2005 & the last release was in 2013. It has certainly came a long way.

Hangouts: Google introduced Google Hangouts in 2013 as an instant messaging communication platform which is embedded with features like video chat, SMS & VoIP. Hangouts acts more like an email replacement but instant (in terms of Google itself). It is implemented concurrently with Google Plus Messenger & Google Talk. It is focused towards professional and work purpose & not for personal use.

Hangouts Meet: Hangouts Meet is a big brother of Hangouts. This application takes professional life to another level. It is used for video meetings & can handle up to 30 users in a particular video call. The only drawback is that it needs a G Suite enabled authorized account.

Allo: This is the most recent Google messaging app brought forth by Google in competition to WhatsApp. It has Google Assistant integrated within which helps and grows by learning user behavior and provides suggestions based on the same learning.

Duo: Google Duo is an independent video calling application. We have no idea why it wasn’t implemented in Allo as a feature. Its video quality is great but you have to bear high data for the same.

Android Messages: Android Messages is the new default SMS application of Android. Basically, if you do not want to send a WhatsApp message, you use this app. It has a great UI though.

Final Conclusion: It is great that Google is devoting so many resources for a faster and better sense of communication and they have certainly come a long way to simplify things up to an extent. Our question is couldn’t they create a single application to fit all the features?

This is an image Google’s Product Manager, Brenden Mulligan tried to explain the strategy of Google messaging apps in one graph.

Google Messaging Apps

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