Different Operating Systems along with their Voice Assistants

Today’s world is dominated by hand held Mobile Computing and heading towards the era of Voice Assistants. We have two OS heavyweights with their smartphone ecosystem viz. Apple and Android and numerous other OSes as well.

We have 3 major voice assistants (Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, and Microsoft’s Cortana) and a 4th new entrant (Samsung’s Bixby) in this space.

Major OS Platforms along with their Voice Assistants:

  • MacOS (Apple’s Siri).
  • iOS (Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana).
  • Android (Google’s Assistant, Samsung’s Bixby, Microsoft’s Cortana).
  • Windows (Microsoft’s Cortana).

Apple’s Siri:

Apple debuted Siri with its iPhone 4S when it integrated Siri with the rest of iOS. Until then Siri was available as a separate app in the Apple App Store.

The app and its underlying technology were so impressive that Apple bought its parent company SRI International two months later.

Siri on MacOS:

Voice Assistants - Siri on MacOS

Siri on iOS:

Siri on iOS

Learn more about Siri in the link below:



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Google’s Assistant:

Google Assistant is the personal voice assistant developed by Google and showcased during its Annual Developer Conference (I/O) in 2016. It is the next iterative update to the previously known Google Now Assistant which Google seems to be slowly fading out.

It was initially debuted in Google’s Allo Messaging app.

Google Assistant on Android:

Google Assistant


Google Assistant on the Web via it’s Allo Messaging App (Platform Agnostic):

Google Assistant on the Web

Learn more about Google Assistant from the link below:



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Microsoft’s Cortana:

Microsoft unveiled Cortana at its Annual Developer Conference in the year 2013 alongside Windows Phone 8.1 which was Microsoft’s Answer to the growing AI Assistant threat from Apple and Google.

Microsoft’s AI Assistant is named after the popular AI character from it’s HALO game franchise.

Cortana on Windows Phone 8.1:

Cortana on WP - 8.1

Cortana on Android:

Cortana on Android

Cortana on Windows 10 PC:

Cortana on Windows - 10 PC

Learn more about Microsoft’s Cortana from the link below:



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Samsung’s Bixby:

Samsung’s Bixby is the latest entry in the field of AI powered smart assistants. It was unveiled in the month of March this year alongside the latest Samsung Flagship Android Smartphone at that time i.e. Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

People might wonder why did Samsung go with the creation of a new Voice Assistant altogether when already Android has Google’s Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana..!!!

The answer lies in Android being an open platform and Samsung being known for providing exclusive Software Goodies on their flagship device, for Eg. S-Pen and it features on the Galaxy Note Smartphone series.

Hence Bixby is expected to remain a Samsung Flagship Android Device exclusive.

Samsung’s Bixby running on Galaxy S8:

Bixby on Galaxy S8

Source: Samsung.

Learn more about Samsungs Bixby from the link below:


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