11 Best Security Extensions for Chrome

We all use the internet daily, it has become a very vital part of our lives but how often do we think about our security online. The truth is that our browsing habits are constantly being monitored to show relevant ads. Luckily, there are various different extensions available on the Google Chrome Web Store which provides some protection against these trackers and keeps us secure. We have listed below 11 Best Security Extensions for Chrome that you may find useful.


1) Avast Online Security

Avast Online Security is one of the most popular Chrome extension with more than 10+ million installations. It provides online protection and helps to improve your overall browsing experience. It gives information about phishing sites and websites with a bad reputation to keep you safe online. Avast shows site rating next to their links in the search results as well as information about trackers. Moreover, it also allows you to rate a site to improve the system and help other users.

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2) WOT: Web of Trust

WOT is similar to Avast Online Security, it protects you while you browse, warning you when you visit potentially dangerous sites, scams, malware, phishing, dangerous links, and more. It displays a reputation icon next to search results, social media, email, and other popular sites to help you make informed decisions online.


  • Red indicates potential danger
  • Yellow tells you to be careful
  • Green means it’s a safe website

It allows you to safely search the internet, enhancing your web security by actively notifying you of online threats

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3) HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is a Chrome extension which automatically switches you from an insecure “HTTP” to a secure “HTTPS” site. In simple words, “HTTP” and “HTTPS” are protocols used to transmit data between your browser and the website you are connected to. The ‘S’ in the “HTTPS” stands for Secure, meaning all the data between your browser and website is encrypted. This extension is also available for Firefox and Opera.

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4) Ghostery

Ever wondered how you see specific ads based on your browsing? Well, the thing is when you browse the internet there are several trackers which analyze your browsing behavior and target you with specific ads. This certainly makes us worried about our privacy online, that’s where Ghostery comes into the picture, Ghostery detects and blocks tracking technologies on the websites and protects your data and privacy. It also helps to speed up page load, eliminate clutter caused due to ads and pop-ups. It also provides you information on what companies are tracking you and gives you the tools you need to determine what to block and when.

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5) LastPass: Free Password Manager

LastPass is a must have Google Chrome extension for your browser. As the name says it manages your login credentials for various different accounts, thus eliminating the need for you to remember the username and password for each and every account. Just remember the password for LastPass and it will take care of all your other accounts. You can also store your credit card details and shopping profiles for faster checkout.

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6) Click&Clean

Click&Clean is a powerful yet very easy to use Chrome extension which helps to protect your private data and enhance your security online. This extension offers a ton of features such as scanning your PC for Malware, deleting your browsing history, deleting download history, clearing cookies, emptying cache, deleting client-side Web SQL Databases etc with one click. It has predefined cleaning modes (Low, Medium, High) to choose from. If you happen to be a Google Chrome user then, you should definitely install Click&Clean extension for your browser.

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7) Unshorten.link

You may have seen shortened links such as ‘bit.ly’ which expands and redirects to some website link. Many times it can just be a site full of malware. Unshorten.link takes care of this and takes you to their link expansion page anytime you click on shortened links, where it shows you information about where the shortened link is attempting to redirect. It also analyzes the site for malware and blocks any tracking cookies.

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8) Secure Browsing

Secure Browsing lets you check for any possible online threats hidden behind the links you see on websites or the links you receive in an email prior to clicking it. It works on text links, image links, and file links. These links and files are examined based on VirusTotal that integrates data from Avira, Bitdefender, Comodo Site Inspector and yet other sixty online security and scan services in real time, simultaneously. You can check the links by right-clicking on the link and then clicking on ‘Check Link’. A Blue shield means the link is safe to proceed and a Red shield indicates malicious content. You can see further details by clicking on ‘View details’.

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Best Security Extensions for Chrome



9) Secure Mail for Gmail

Secure Mail for Gmail is an extension to send secure, encrypted messages through Gmail. This is really useful if you want no one except the intended recipient to access the information i.e. to maintain extreme confidentiality. The way this works is, you compose a mail by clicking on the ‘lock’ icon which appears next to the ‘Compose’ button once the extension is installed and click on ‘Send Encrypted’. Next, you will be prompted to enter a password to encrypt the information in the mail. Enter the password and click on ‘Encrypt & Send’. Now, the recipient needs to enter the same password as the sender to decrypt the message.

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10) TunnelBear VPN

You may have heard about TunnelBear VPN applications for OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android. TunnelBear VPN for Chrome is a lightweight browser extension which provides similar service. Using a VPN service has various advantages such as accessing regionally restricted content, securing yourself over any public Wi-Fi network, reducing websites and ads from tracking your activity. TunnelBear VPN allows connections to 20 different countries across the globe and free data every month.

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11) Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one the most popular Google Chrome extension which allows you to block annoying Facebook ads, YouTube video ads, vexatious pop-ups and other obstructive ads to give you a clutter-free browsing experience. It also allows you to disable tracking and provide protection against domains known to spread malware. It is also available for other popular web browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Opera.


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So these were some of the best security extensions for Chrome. Tell us your favorite chrome extensions in the comment section.

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