Best Free Anti-virus Software you can download

We all need to be protected by viruses, be it your home computer or personal laptop. We are asked this question a lot of times and we have listed down some of the reliable anti-virus softwares you can rely on and download completely for free. People don’t like paying for such softwares and in a personal opinion, you don’t need to.  You only need to buy such software if you are really poking in corners of computing where you shouldn’t or you have no idea how the internet works.

Our favorite choices are Avira, Avast, Bitdefender & AVG. If you do not want to waste time you can download any of the Best Free Antivirus Software out there:





We personally use Avira for home computers since not much is done on them, other than surfing and basic editing. It catches viruses and worms pretty quick and deletes it without asking your permission. The only downside is it keeps popping up with its advertising every time you boot your computer. It is annoying if you find it otherwise it doesn’t bother much anyway. The rest of them just as good as avira and it really comes to a personal choice but each one of them is just as good as the either.

Just to mention, Avast Antivirus has a friendly user interface and includes a password manager and a network scanner. (If you are into that kind of stuff). The downside of Bitdefender, you cannot schedule any scans which kinda beats the point. The good point to note is that it has a very low system-performance impact.

AVG will keep nagging you to upgrade to the full software. AVG was bought by Avast but it has kept all its basic options just as they were. Also, we found some lags while using AVG so not highly recommended. Again, its a personal choice at the end of the day to choose your Best Free Antivirus Software.