Best Cloud Storage Services to Choose From

We are living in the 21st Century and we are in dire need of storage. Our files are getting bigger and storage is also getting cheaper but what about cloud storage? Cloud Storage is only needed if you don’t want to roam around with a pen drive and you need some files for everyday use which are remotely accessible. Cloud Storage services are getting popular within students for storing, sharing files, collaborating and editing multiples files in a project at once, etc. We have researched and noted down every Best Cloud Storage Services to Choose From. You can review and select which is best for you according to your needs.

Google Drive

If you are new to cloud storage, this is the best and most optimum Cloud Storage Service to consider. Google Drive offers a whopping 15GB of Free Storage which is great for storing any types of files. Its servers work fine and on a personal level, we have never faced any such kind of problems. If you do a security check every year, you might receive an additional 2GB of free space but it depends on google when they do this check. On our free account, we have around 19GB of space this way. All your emails, photos are stored in this storage and are capable of sharing or collaborating files easily with permission access, a feature which is now common to all Cloud Storage Services.

Pricing Structure:
100 GB: $1.99 | 1 TB: $9.99 | 10 TB: $99.99 | 20 TB: $199.99 | 30 TB: $299.99


DropBox is the next preferred Cloud Storage Service preferred by consumers for its simplicity and ease of use. DropBox only offers 2GB of free service but can extend up to more 16GB by referring to friends and family and gaining 500MB free on every new user who joins DropBox. The War between Google Drive & DropBox was heated for some time last year but they both understand the importance of staying in the game and have their own plans to capture the market.

You can read the detailed pricing structure here.

One Drive

Microsoft’s OneDrive entered drastically late in the Cloud Storage Wars. When it came in the market, it gave out a model with unlimited storage but removed it soon because the revenue model wasn’t working for them. They earlier gave 15GB free storage but slashed it to 5GB soon after & again restored it after users started showing their frustration. But if you subscribe now as a new user, you will only receive 5Gb of free space to start with. You can read the entire article here.

5GB: Free | 50GB: 1.99$ per month

OneDrive keeps on changing their plans after few months so we would suggest you to look at their pricing here.

Best Cloud Storage Services


Box is a Head On Competitor to DropBox, but it is more inclined towards enterprises and companies. It also has a great UI & support staff but growing customers all around the globe. They have a variety of pricing structures which can be tried for a month.

Individual: Free-10GB | 100GB-10$ Per Month
Business: 100GB-5$ Per Month| Unlimited-15$ Per User/Month (Minimum 3 Users)
You can take a detailed look here.


Mega is the one which you use for large free storage but only storage, it is not great for collaborations and its speeds are also a bit low. It gives 50GB of space for free and is also more inclined towards security and privacy. It has the cheapest storage options. One thing: If you want to store something illegal, Mega won’t say anything. These qualities make it one of the Best Cloud Storage Services available out there.

Best Cloud Storage Services


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