The best alternative to iTunes

Many iOS users face problems while transferring photos, movies, videos, songs, contacts from their iOS device to PC. Let’s be frank, iTune is not user-friendly, a first-time user will have some issues using it. Many times, it will restrict some actions done by the user. Due to this problem, many of the users start hating iTunes. To solve this problem we researched and this is the best alternative to iTunes.

Note: In this guide, we don’t have to use iTunes but it is advisable for iTunes to be installed on the computer since it needs the drivers to detect the IOS device.

You can download iTunes Here:

iTools is a very famous application as an alternative to iTunes

Step 1 : Install iTools from here:

Step 2: Open iTools app. A window similar to this will appear,  then plug in your iOS device & let iTunes detect your device. Then close iTunes.

Step 3: Then select the device option from the top left corner it will give your connected device information, it is also an indication that your device is successfully connected to iTools.

Step 4: Now to transfer songs by selecting the music from the upper tab. Select the music from your device menu as shown in picture


Step 5: To import the song click import button then give the path of your song & then click “ok”. The songs imported will be automatically added in music app in your iOS device. Similarly, you can export songs from your iOS device to PC.

Step 6: You can also transfer photos and videos by following the same method

Step 7: You can sync your contacts and back it up to be safe.

best alternative to iTunes

In the toolbox options, you can get each & every information about your device from the beginning of your device’s first boot.
Such as Current battery wear rate, the number of times your device crashed, system backup and system restore etc. So this is our top pick for the best alternative to iTunes.