How to see who is using your Wifi/Network (Desktop)

We live in between the world of intruders. Those intruders are always on a move to gain access to your private networks. Therefore, it becomes necessary to keep an eye on these people who sneaks in our network. To solve this issue, below listed two tools/utilities would help greatly. These are small software’s which can be used to See who is using your wifi/network

1.Wireless Network Watcher

There is a Windows-based freeware tool available known as Wireless Network Watcher. The application keeps an active eye on the connected devices to your wireless network and greatly helps in maintaining privacy. The tool is developed by Nirsoft and displays connected devices’ name, IP Address, MAC Address, Network Adapter etc.The report of this stuff can be saved as a plain text, XML, CSV or HTML file.

To enable constant search for new devices that are being connected, Open the toolClick Options > Background Scan, then Options > Beep On New Device. On pressing F9, it opens an Advanced Options Dialog which allows you to set frequency needed for the Background scan.

Other Specifications

Platforms:Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,Windows Server,windows 10.


License: Freeware

Developer: NirSoft

see who is using your wifi


Similar to Wireless Network Watcher, WHO IS ON MY WIFI is a small tool/utility that finds/detects rogue laptops or Android devices on your private network. The tool/utility is developed by Ice Nebula for Windows, MAC as well as Android devices. The tool provides an optional Online Service which immediately texts or sends you an Email to notify you of the unknown device. Also, it points out the time when the device was on the network. Besides this, the tool also gives an audio alert and a screen flag upon detecting an unknown computer on the WiFi network. Alike WNW(Wireless Network Watcher), it shows up devices’ MAC Address, Name, IP Address. It also states whether the device is connected or not and whether it is known or unknown.

See who is using your wifi