How to use WhatsApp on your Browser/Desktop – Newbies Guide

WhatsApp is a famous chat client which is used by billions around the world. Though it is easy and convenient to use, it gets tedious to always use your phone to check messages, especially if you are at work. You don’t want your boss to see you using your phone all the time to check messages, don’t you?

Many are unaware of the fact but WhatsApp also comes with a web and desktop version. It is very simple to use and pretty convenient if you are in a work environment.

The WhatsApp Client/Software for Desktops/Laptops can be downloaded from here:

If you don’t want to download any software, you can use the web client. Visit:

How to use WhatsApp on your PC?

1] Download the WhatsApp client / Visit the site given above and you will see a screen like this in front of you. It will be QR Code in front of you asking you to scan it from your phone.

2] Open the WhatsApp App on your phone. And click on WhatsApp Web from the options menu.

WhatsApp Web

3] If you are doing this the first time, a small camera box open on your phone. Scan the QR Code on your computer screen from that camera. WhatsApp will then open and you can turn off your mobile screen. After you are finished, your client will look something like this.

4] Note: Sometimes, You need to keep your Computer on the same wifi network as your mobile while using WhatsApp Web i.e. Same Wifi or same Hotspot. We didn’t face this problem but still worth noting.

5] Also, do not forget to log out from WhatsApp Web when you finished with your work since anyone can you use your client to send messages to anyone. Even though with innocuous intentions, it should be avoided.

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