What are Trackbacks and Pingbacks, and why to disable it on your site

The topic is debated many times on blogs and websites as to should Trackbacks and Pingbacks be enabled or no. The simple answer is NO and you can quit reading this article and move on from whatever you were doing or you can continue and understand the WHY behind the answer.

We started researching and read some popular sites like WpBeginner, WordPress.org and much more before writing this article and coming to a conclusion. The simple truth behind our conclusion is that it’s just not worth it, be it any site or CMS platform you are using. Before that let’s discuss in short the difference between Trackbacks and Pingbacks.

Trackbacks: Trackbacks, in short, is when you write something on your site and you want others to read it. So you go and comment on other blogs  (Usually which has a similar content on the post/article you wrote) that you have written something similar on your site and link to that page of your blog. Basically, Trackbacks are a way to notify legacy blog systems that you’ve linked to them.

Pingbacks: Pingbacks, on the other hand, is a comment which is automatically created when you link to another blog (Though, it needs to have pingbacks enabled). Again, the process of “pinging” the other site where you have linked is automatic and there is nothing needed to be done by the linker.

There is one more concept known as Self Pings which is nothing but pingbacks to your own blog (when you link different content on your own site)

Why should you disable Trackbacks and Pingbacks?

The simple & short answer is that it is just not worth the time and effort. The long answer is that 99.99% of the Trackbacks and Pingbacks you will receive are & will be spam. Spammers do it to increase the page ranking of their blogs and moderating the genuine ones can be too much of a headache. To be frank, Trackbacks and Pingbacks are dead by now and no one uses them. Most of the popular blogs in the world don’t even enable comments on most articles. If you have WordPress installed and are using Akismet (The popular plugin to stop spam), you will know what we mean since barely any of the comments are genuine otherwise most of them land up in the SPAMBOX.

If you want to disable it in WordPress, Go to Settings » Discussion » UnCheck the option to Allow link notifications from other blogs
Trackbacks and Pingbacks