How to Send images on WhatsApp without reducing quality

Every day, WhatsApp said 55 billion messages are sent each day on the app, 4.5 billion photos and one billion videos per day. That is a huge number if you look at it from a data point perspective. There is just one huge downside about WhatsApp. Whenever we send images over it, the image quality and size is heavily reduced. WhatsApp does it for a reason and that is speed. Although we cannot blame it for doing that it, still bugs us off that the original quality of the image we are sending is tarnished.

There are 3 ways you can Send images on WhatsApp without reducing quality.

1] Send the file as a Document

Besides the camera button, you will find the attachment button. Sending your file as an attachment won’t let WhatsApp use any compression algorithm on your image and will treat it as any other Pdf/Word Document.


2] Send all files as a Zip

Use a File Manager to zip all the images you want to send. Again send it as a document/attachment. It better to use this method for multiple images since they will only have to unzip the attachment once.

3] Change the extension (Rename the file)

Renaming the extension of the image and sending it over also does the trick. The only hassle is that the recipient will have to rename it back after he/she receives it.



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