How to See saved WiFi Passwords in Mac?

We often connect to WiFi and never bother to remember or note down known wifi networks. It is a good habit to write down known WiFi Access Points not only because we never have weak memories but because if we have another device we want to connect at a later point in time, we won’t have to look for it or log in the Router Admin Panel to see the password from our laptops. It also helps to give out passwords to guests coming to our house. Sharing is Caring, right? Maybe not every time.


Not many people are aware of it but MacOS has an inbuilt application which can be useful to see saved passwords. It is pretty simple and doesn’t require expert knowledge in computing. Follow these simple steps to See saved WiFi Passwords in Mac. This way you can avoid searching for the password sheet from your Wifi Box or logging into the router admin panel and checking the password.

1] Open “Keychain Access” and you will see a list of ID & Passwords.
2] Don’t Panic seeing the List, Click on System & Search the WiFi by typing the name of the WiFi Access Point names. (Provided you remember/know the Access Point you are connected too)
3] Double click on the Preferred name and it will open a new window with some details.

See saved WiFi Passwords in Mac

4] Click on Show Password and enter your credentials. Once done, it will show you your WiFi password.

See saved WiFi Passwords in Mac

This way you can also check other accounts & passwords. That is also provided you have forgotten them and do not want to go through the process of clicking “Forgot Password” and rest of the process of resetting the account password.


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