How to Reduce Video Size while keeping its quality intact

If you work on videos or any field related to it, you understand the pain of handling and processing large video files. We go through the same problem too. There are immense Softwares which will promise you to do the same work but barely any tool actually does the work. Some which do, they are just not good enough.

We recently faced this issue while we were rendering a promo video for an app. We spent three to four hours creating and editing it, but after we exported it, the files size turned out to be 2.7GB. That is not what we expected. We understand that professional videographers or content creators have no problem with size sizes since it’s their normal routine job while they edit using Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier Effects. But what about the common man? You can’t upload that file size on a 1-10Mbps connection.

So how do we Reduce Video Size?

There is a very small open source tool for people like us called HandBrakeWe have started using it every day for reducing video file size since we have no other option. The best part is that it Does not reduce the video content quality, even if it does, it is barely recognizable.

All you have to do is select the video file after starting HandBrake, select some basic options (only if needed) & click on Start Encode. Once the processing is done by the software, you can check the video file size from the destination it is exported. (Select “Web Optimized” checkbox if you need to upload it on youtube).

The great part about HandBrake is that it is available on All Platforms: Mac, Windows, Ubuntu/Linux.

Before Encoding

Reduce Video Size HandBrake

After Encoding

Reduce Video Size HandBrake

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