Reduce brightness of your iPhone below predefined limit

Using your iOS device at night is pretty annoying since the minimum brightness limit hurt your eyes.

Some 32-bit iOS devices such as iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c who don’t support Night Shift, increase the stress on eyes due to excess light. So how do you Reduce brightness of your iPhone?

Hence these are some steps to lower the brightness below the predefined limit.

Step 1: – Open Settings app

Step 2: –  A) Then go to General

B) Then go to Accessibility

Then go to Zoom menu which is located in VISION section

Step 3: – Then turn on zoom option

Step 4: – Now there is a bit tricky thing is here

Just tap twice with three fingers ( Use multitouch ) until this window appears. It may take 2 to 3 attempts, don’t give up!

Step 5: – Then tap Full-Screen Zoom option & go to the Choose Filter option.

Reduce brightness of your iPhone

Then select Low Light option.

Step 6: – Then select Zoom out option.

Reduce brightness of your iPhone

Now you are done.
Step 7: – Now you can reduce the brightness below predefined limit by just turning on zoom option

And you can also disable this feature by turning on Zoom Option.