How to Protect Smartphones in Cold Temperatures

Cold weathers can be harsh for our body but we forget that it also damages our smartphones in many ways. There are several reasons why your Smartphones health degrades at cold/freezing temperatures but the primary reason is that when lithium-ion batteries are exposed to cold temperatures, their performance suffers as there is no reaction inside the battery and the charge in the cell phone starts dropping at a sudden rate. It can also happen that your smartphone is at 90% and can go dead in around 20-30 minutes in freezing temperature. The problems are not long lasting & the battery will be fine once it is brought back to normal temperature. This is a small guide to Protect Smartphones in Cold Temperatures.

1] If you know your phone battery percentage is suddenly dropping, put it in your jacket, (Avoid Jeans) or put in your bag. Put it anywhere that is not cold! These devices are made up of other electronic parts, like their LCD screens, that can malfunction in extreme temperatures.

2] Use good cases, especially which encloses both front and back and which offer thermal protection. Best case is the one which has an inbuilt charging battery pack. Reason? It will keep the battery in a reaction phase.

3] Buy a good Power Bank and keep it connected while you are out in the cold.

4] And Obviously, Try avoiding usage of your phone in cold.

5] Avoid restarting your phone as soon as it shuts down in the cold since it damages the battery.

Unethical Way

Use Apps like Cozy Handwarmer to heat up your phone. Now the thing about these apps that they charge your CPU process to run at max which causes your phone to heat. Is it risky? yes. But is it worth it? Also yes.

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