How to open and play AV/h264 files?

I recently bought a CCTV camera for my home to keep an eye on my Dog. What users do not know about CCTV cameras is that they do not record videos in normal MP4 or AVI format. They have their own standard of recording footage. These are mainly of two types, AV Format & h.264 format. These are not common formats a person hears every day because they are barely used in other fields other than surveillance. I tested the cameras but was unable to view the recorded footage. After a bit of researching, I found some simple ways users can watch their recorded content.

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How to play h264 files?

h264 is pretty easy to open and play using VLC media player. You can download it here:

Open the File using VLC media player. (Nothing will happen at first)

Go to Tools »  Preferences » Input / Codecs & Click on “All” under “Show Settings“.

Go to Demuxers under Input / Codecs & select the Drop Down list to choose H264 Video Demuxer.

how to play h264 files

Now your file should play.

How to play AV files?

AV files are not widely known as h264 files and they don’t have a specific name, just “Audio/Visual”. After researching, I was not able to open it directly using VLC. There is a way to convert to “ts” (file extension) first using VLC and again converting it to MP4. Though many users have found success with it, I do not guarantee that it will always work. It is a lot of work & a tedious task so I recommend to avoid it.

Solution: KMPlayer

I’m not sure why this tool isn’t famous since it opens AV file extension effortlessly. I have to warn you, this software has some ads in it. Keep your antivirus ON during installation since it tries to install adware on the computer. After installing, Right click on your file & “open with”, open the location of KMPlayer from the new window which opens.

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