How to Remove/Merge Duplicate Contacts in Android

Smartphones play a very important role by connecting yourself with others, managing contacts on your phone becomes messy when there are duplicates of the same contact. It creates inconvenience when trying to make a call to your family/friends. So, this article guides you how to merge or remove the duplicates and get rid of them. Although the default Google merging functions works the best, there are a variety of third-party Merging applications available on Play Store, we will be showcasing Merge+ as the secondary option.

So How to Merge Duplicate Contacts?

1.Using Google Contacts

Visit: If you are using Google Contacts to save your Android contacts, then it becomes easy to merge duplicate contacts. With the help of Google’s quick algorithms, managing contacts become easier than ever. This method works for all Android device users who wish to Merge Duplicate Contacts.

  • Open any browser on your Computer.
  • Go to Google Contacts homepage.
  • Log in with your Google Account which you use on your Android device.

Merge Duplicate Contacts

  • Click on Go to the old version on the left pane
  • After that, Click on My Contacts located on the left-hand sidebar to load all your contacts on connected devices.

Merge Duplicate Contacts

  • Now, select your contact group in which you want to scan for duplicate contacts.
  • Click on More 
  • Click Find & merge duplicates
  • A popup will come showing you duplicate contacts found. Click on Merge.

2.Using Merge+

Last but not the least, Merge+ is a third-party application available to download on Play Store for free. It merges really quick and has a simple UI.

  • Download and install Merge+ from Play Store
  • Open the app
  • Click on Find Duplicates. A screen will appear showing you the number of duplicate contacts. Finally, select which contacts you want to merge and Click on Merge

Merge Duplicate Contacts

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