How to know if your sent emails are Read

The internet would be incomplete without emails. Thousands of emails are sent every day worldwide.

This is a small guide which informs users to know if your emails are Read by the recipients.

It works similar to WhatsApp (Plugin Name – MailTrack)
This guide works for Chrome users using Gmail/Inbox as their email clients.

1] Download the Chrome Plugin of MailTrack – Click Here.
And download/install this plugin. (Click on Add extension when asked)

2] Open Gmail/Inbox and send a test email to any of your friends.

3] When the email is sent, a single green tick appears which denotes that the email is sent to the receiver.

4] Once the email is read, you will receive an email on the same account saying that “Receiver has read the email”.

Look at the screenshots below for a basic idea of working the plugin.

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Mail Track Mail Track know if your emails are Read