How to Forward Multiple emails on Gmail

Gmail is great, millions of users use it every day and it has the most number of users worldwide. It is fast, reliable and user-friendly for everyone. Even though we feel it is perfect, there is one major drawback.

You cannot forward multiple emails to a someone. We don’t know why Gmail hasn’t implemented such kind of feature but we think the company should have implemented this by now.

There is a way around this problem by a simple chrome plugin known as “Multi Email Forward“.
This plugin is simple as it sounds, you just have to select multiple emails using the checkboxes and a forward button is automatically generated when you open Gmail. Rest is as easy as sending any other email.

Download from Chrome Store: [button link=”” size=”small” window=”yes”]Click Here[/button]

Forward Multiple emails

Forward Multiple emailsWe hope Gmail has this feature inbuilt in future and we don’t have to use this plugin.