Find files easily on your computer using “Everything”

Organizing and keeping track of files is cumbersome if you have thousands of files in your system and you have no idea what to look/search where. And if you are a content creator or graphics editor, half of your life is spent searching for the right file for your project. Operating systems provide built-in search features for users but they are usually bad at doing their job especially if you are on a Windows machine.

Windows takes ages to find the files even when you know the name. This is where Everything comes into the picture. Everything is a great tool for a Windows Machine which finds your files/folders in less than a second as soon as you start typing the name. It basically acts a search engine for your operating system (Much better than your normal search tool). Sadly it is only available for windows. Everything can act completely as an alternative to windows desktop search.

It has a clean user interface and does real-time analysis of your files i.e it will reflect changes you made on your computer in a second. It takes some time on the first run to build up its database. additionally,  it does not consume any system resources. It’s a great tool if you know the name of your files and are too lazy to locate it. While the windows desktop search takes ages to search for a file, everything does it in few seconds.

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Find files easily on your computer

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