How to Enable YouTube Restricted Mode on Android/IOS

All of us are aware of YouTube which is the world’s most renowned video sharing and streaming network. Whenever we think of ‘Entertainment’, especially videos, YouTube takes first place in our head. No doubt, it’s the best platform for watching movies, serials etc and there is great content available on it. But as YouTube is like a vast ocean of all kinds of videos, we come across a number of videos which may be appropriate as well as inappropriate. It may be a thing that you don’t want to allow others (maybe kids, family members etc) to view the inappropriate content. So, it becomes necessary to restrict such kind of content to others hand. To do this, Google provides a feature known as YouTube Restricted Mode. This article guides you how to enable Restricted Mode in YouTube on Android as well as Windows. So, let us press on!


What is YouTube Restricted Mode?

YouTube Restricted Mode is a parental control like feature which you can enable to hide inappropriate content or videos from letting in hands of others. Also, it comes with community flagging which means that feedback of other users who have reported inappropriate content is considered as Age Restriction. When you enable Restricted Mode, it means comments also get avoided as in some of them may be in an abusive language which you may prefer to be inappropriate.


How to Enable YouTube Restricted Mode on your Smart Phone?

Open the Youtube App & go into Settings. There you will find options to Enable YouTube Restricted Mode.

YouTube Restricted Mode

Note: If you are constantly surrounded by kids using your smartphone for games & YouTube, it is advisable to keep it turned On. This will ensure that any content being watched on your phone by anyone (Not just kids), is safe for watching.


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