How to Enable Siri on macOS

Apple’s voice assistant “Siri” is a great way to interact with Apple devices, it helps save time and helps to be productive with our work. However, using a keyboard shortcut or clicking the icon every time you want to use Siri can make you less ecstatic about it. If you want to enable Hands-free “Siri” on Mac, here’s how you Enable Siri on MacOS.

  1. First head over to System Preferences > Siri and click on Enable Siri.step 1
  2. Next, in System Preferences > Keyboard, click on the Dictation tab and select the On radio button and also select Use Enhanced Dictation checkbox. (Let the download complete) step 2
  3. From System Preferences > Accessibility, scroll down to Dictation, Select Enable the dictation keyword phrase checkbox and assign a keyword of your choice and click on Dictation Commands. This is the first part of the two-part phrase, you will use to launch Siri. For e.g. if you want to use “Hello Siri” to launch Siri you would type “Hello” in this input field. step 3
  4. Now select Enable advanced commands checkbox at the bottom and click on the “+” button above it. You will see 3 fields (When I say, While using and Perform) step 4When I say – is the second part of the two-part phrase. Referring to the example in the previous step, you would type “Siri” in this input field.
    For While using – leave it as Any Application
    For Perform – select Open Finder Items > Applications > Siri and click Open. step 5
  5. Click on Done and that’s it. step 6

Now you can say “Hello Siri” and Siri will launch. Enable Siri on MacOS