How to solve “Drive Device Missing” error while installing Windows

This issue usually occurs when installing Windows 7 using a Bootable USB Drive. You boot the drive, installation of windows begins and an error arises stating “A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing”.

Drive Device Driver is Missing

The only reason we are writing this is that we ourselves faced this issue recently while installing Windows 7 on a laptop.  The laptop came with DOS installed, Had 2 USB 3.0 & one USB 2.0 port (Reason for mentioning is given below).

Solutions for “Drive Device Driver is Missing”:

  • Windows 7 installation media does not support USB 3.0 so if you insert the bootable USB in a 3.0 port, it just won’t work. So insert the USB stick in a USB 2.0 Port. (That is how we solved the problem)
  • Unplug & Plug the USB Drive.
  • Recreate the bootable USB. (Many things can go wrong while creating a bootable)
  • The ISO image from where you are burning the Windows OS is incomplete.
  • Change the USB Settings in BIOS: Faulty USB settings in BIOS may also cause the problem. As we said earlier Windows 7 installation media does not support for USB3.0. Turn your USB 3.0 support in your BIOS to AUTO or DISABLE.

Note: This issue is not device specific, it can occur on any Laptop/Desktop PC. Don’t panic thinking your brand new Laptop/PC is faulty.

Buying a laptop with DOS installed is fine but you should be knowing the basic of computing before making this decision because you will be needing to install your operating systems along with the software. Again, if you don’t know what you are buying, just don’t buy it.