How to Download Wikipedia Offline for use. (Desktop & Mobile)

Wikipedia is the largest & most reliable source where a user can find information. Not many know but there are some ways where we can download the whole Wikipedia offline on our computer or Mobile Device (Nonetheless, the mobile devices should have enough space, 64GB to be on the safer side). There are mainly two tools that can be used but only one works perfectly and is widely used by millions of users.

Note: We do not recommend during our research because the tool fried our motherboard & had to be given in the shop for repair. We got so pissed that it is not mentioning it either. The only tool which is worth noting is Kiwix.

Kiwix: Read Wikipedia offline

Kiwix is a free tool which can be used to browse & Download Wikipedia offline (After you have downloaded all the files you need). It has covered a large number of different platforms like Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, IOS. The company has designed a dedicated chrome plugin too.

You can Download Wikipedia Offline from Kiwix here:

The Full Wikipedia package is now currently of 61Gb, while there are other options too for Quotes, Travel Guides, Dictionary etc.

If you already have Kiwix then only download the content you need and extract it. If you are searching for specific content (ZIM Files), the listing can be found here. 

There are numerous selections just for Wikipedia: Bollywood, Computer, For-Schools, Medicine, Uganda etc.

All you need to do is install kiwix and extract the content (if downloaded differently). There is a different ZIM file listing too (for experts). It can be accessed here:

When you start Kiwix for the first time and if it does not show your downloaded data, Go to File » Browse Library and search for the downloaded files. (You need to unzip them after downloading)

(For Experts ONLY)

Desktop Client:

Download Wikipedia Offline

Mobile App:

Download Wikipedia Offline

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