How to create Drive partitions when your laptop has just one drive

You buy a brand new laptop and viola, you have just one “C” Drive which contains all your drive space. There is no issue in using your laptop with just one drive but when you decide to format your computer, you lose all your data. We don’t know exactly why companies do that since they can at least create two equal partitions and ship the laptop so that the user knows what to store does not face problems and has to google, how to create Drive partitions. So this is a small guideĀ to create Drive partitions when your laptop is shipped with just one drive partition.

The guide is really simple and any person with basic knowledge of computing can execute it.

1] Open Disk Management in Windows.

You can do this by either typing “diskmgmt.msc” in the Run box or open it from the start menu.

From Start Menu:

From Run Command Box:

2] Right click on your C Drive and click on “Shrink Volume“.

3] It will take some time to analyze the disk space and give a window like this.
Enter the amount half of what is shown so that you will have two equal drives on your computer.

4] After you click “Shrink”, you will see a drive but it will be shown as Unallocated with a Black Label on Top.

create Drive partitions


5] Right click on that drive and select “New Simple Volume“. Go on Clicking Next and after you are done, you will have a new Drive waiting for you in your Computer.

That’s it. Now you can install your programs/software in your C Drive & store your files in other Drives. This will make sure that when you format/clean your system or an event where your C drive fails, your other files will be secure on another drive.