How to Combine Different Internet Connections on Windows

It’s 2017 and our internet connections still work like a tortoise. Many users are unaware but we can combine different Internet Connections on Windows to make it work like one single powerful internet connection. For example, a normal internet wire connection can be joined by a Dongle, a wifi adapter/NIC (Connected to a different network other than your own network otherwise it doesn’t make sense. You will keep getting the same speed)

There are mainly two different ways you can combine different Internet Connections on Windows. One is the default utility by windows (from network & sharing center) & a software named as Speedify does the work for you which is very simple.

By Default Windows Method:

  • Open “Network & Sharing Center” in Windows.
  • Go to ” Change Adapter Settings“.

  • Connect all the different connections you have. You will see them on the screen. (We are using only a LAN & wifi connection for example purposes)
  • Ctrl + Select All the connections you want to join. Right Click on any connection after selecting (Keeping Ctrl-Clicked) & click on “Bridge Connections

Combine Different Internet Connections on Windows

  • That is it. Wait for some time and test your internet connection. (A new virtual network connection will be created which will tunnel all the connection through one network) Your internet connection speed will be combined.

By Speedify:
For those lazy users who do not want to go through this manual work, speedify is just for you. Speedify is a small tool which does the exact same work but with some shortcomings.

Speedify combines your internet connections to improve reliability and creates a VPN for the traffic of the incoming connections to deliver the combined performance of conventional VPNs. Since it acts like a VPN too, you get privacy, security, and mobility.

Download Speedify from here:

It works on two Operating systems. Mainly, Windows & Mac. The company has designed an Android App too but it just does not perform very well when we tested it.

Install the speedify desktop client from the above link. After installing, it will automatically detect all incoming connections on your Computer and combine them. You change your location and choose the best servers, although the most optimum server is selected automatically. It keeps all your browsing secure from hackers and eavesdroppers too. The important thing to note is that if one of your internet connection gets cut, your experience is not affected.

Note that there is a CAP on your usage every month (1GB). Use it wisely or buy the subscription if you are willing to share money. The pricing structure is very cheap compared to what they are offering.

Combine Different Internet Connections on Windows

Combine Different Internet Connections on Windows

These are two ways to Combine Different Internet Connections on Windows. If you are aware of any better ways, please feel free to leave a comment.

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