How to clear your Google Drive Space?

Recently, I saw that my Google Drive space was almost full. Yea, almost. I currently have 19GB of space in my google drive and I knew that there was no way I had filled up that much space.

My Google Drive Space showed 18Gb of 19GB used.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I checked my space by going to The option can be found below your Gmail account.

It showed me 18GB used out of 19GB. [Image is different]
I contacted Google Drive support and had a chat. They said that the local storage will show different size since it is on “BackUp and Sync”. When I asked the person how do I see the complete storage, the person didn’t have an answer and kept giving me the same shit. Classic tech support.

I checked the local storage space and it showed me 9GB.

I started deleting the “Shared with Me” folders and files in my google drive from the web browser. (Hoping it may make some change). It didn’t. I finally figured out what was causing the issue. My TRASH.

Apparently, I delete a lot of files from my google drive and it never deletes them completely. It saves them somehow in the trash and never deletes them. I emptied my trash 20 times and then the space usage started to drop down. There you go folks, empty the Google Drive trash > Refresh > Empty it again > Repeat. Until it doesn’t show any files.

So enjoy deleting your trash and your problem will be solved!