How to Block Ads Completely on Browsers

Advertising has come a long way on the Web. Companies spend millions on advertising their products and in return we get a number of banners and popups while surfing the web. This is a small guide to Block Ads on Websites.

Adblockers: These small but efficient tools block all unwanted advertisement of products on the web and give you a clean web page/website which is easier to surf and read. The most popular known as Adblock is used by millions of people around the internet. (Now Ad Block Plus)


Page Loading & Speed Increases since all unnecessary content is blocked
Page reading capability is increased
Full Page Ads/Popups/Banners etc are blocked completely.
Video ads are also blocked
Spying activity of suspicious sites is also blocked many times.

Note: Blocking ads may not be of much worth to users but keep in mind, companies, and sites owned by private individuals don’t get paid when you block ads. (Usually, content you get for free on websites contain ads and that’s how the owners earn through their site)

How to Block Ads on Websites or Browsers?
The answer is simple. Extensions. (We are giving links for extensions only for chrome. Other browsers like FireFox, Opera, Safari have their own extension library which you can surf and install the similar plugins)

1] ABP (AdBlock plus)

Direct Download: [button link=”” size=”small” window=”yes”]Click here[/button]

2] Popup Blocker: Blocks all annoying pop-ups and windows which open automatically when you browse the internet.

Direct Download : [button link=”” size=”small” window=”yes”]Click here[/button]

These two extensions are enough to block most of the ads. If can still install as many extensions as you like but keep in mind that adding extensions can put a load on your system and there is no contender to beat Chrome in that Race.

Adblock Plus has released an Android Version too which was banned by google on the play store for an obvious reason. A browser was later launched from adblock which you can find here. [button link=”” size=”small” window=”yes”]Click here[/button]

Personal Note: We recommend that users do not block ads completely since some geeks out there live on the earnings of Ads. Useful and quality websites can be allowed to display ads by Disabling Ads from the plugin.

Block Ads on Websites

Block Ads on Websites