Alternatives to iTunes for transferring music to an iPhone

If you have an iOS device, transferring music from a Mac or a Windows PC to an iPhone or an iPad using iTunes can be quite a frustrating experience. Unlike Android, iOS devices are pretty restricted and cannot be easily tweaked to our liking. People are always looking for some third party applications or software that can help them transfer music without iTunes. Here we have selected our two personal favorites which act as a near alternative and let users transfer data quickly and easily.

#1. AirMore

Price: FREE
Support OS: Mac OS X / Windows

AirMore is an easy and convenient way to transfer music without iTunes between Mac/PC and an iOS device. It is a web-based application, which works with both Mac and PC. AirMore is our personal favorite because it is iTunes independent, offers wireless transfer and has a clean and simple UI. Some key points to note,

  • It requires an active internet connection
  • Also, both Mac/PC and the iPhone (or iPad) needs to be connected to the same WiFi network.

How to Use?

  • On your Mac/PC web browser, Go to
  • On your iOS device, Open App Store » search AirMore » Install » Open AirMore

AirMore App

Method 1:-

  1. Tap on Scan to connect
  2. Scan the QR Code displayed on your Web Browser with the AirMore app
  3. You will be connected and can start transferring

Method 2:-

  1. Tap on the top right corner of the App
  2. Tap on Get IP
  3. An IP address will be displayed, type this in the address bar of your web browser and Accept connection request on the AirMore App
  4. You will be connected and can begin your data transfer between your devices.

Transfer music without itunes

How to Transfer Music without iTunes

  • To transfer from Mac/PC to iPhone

1. Click on the Music icon on left side of your browser » Click on Import » Import files (or folder)


2. Select your files (or folder)


3. Click on Open and your music will be imported.


  • To transfer from iPhone to Mac/PC

1. In music tab, select the songs you want to transfer to your Mac/PC and Click on Export. (While exporting, you may get a pop-up saying “files may get lost while downloading in bulk via browser” just click on Still Export)


2. Your selected songs will be exported as a zip file


A small drawback of using AirMore to import music to an iPhone or iPad is that the songs are imported into the AirMore app, rather than the stock music app. Good thing it supports background playback, so you can enjoy your favorite songs even when your device is locked.

It also allows transferring documents (pdf, txt, ppt, Word, Excel, zip), photos and videos. (Photos and videos are imported directly to the stock Photos app on the iOS device.)

#2. CopyTrans Manager

Price: FREE
Support OS: Windows

CopyTrans Manager is a free and a lightweight iTunes alternative for transferring music for Windows users. It has a simple UI and you can connect and transfer from multiple PCs if needed. CopyTrans Manager also allows you to easily create or edit playlist with a simple drag and drop method, moreover, it also has a Tag editor where you can edit Track Title, add Artist, Album, etc if desired. It does not require an internet connection once it’s installed.

How to Use?

1. Go to and download the installer file.
2. Open the setup file, accept the license agreement and click Install
3. Make sure you are connected to the internet and click on Test Connection
4. Now in the CopyTrans Control Center, install CopyTrans Manager

5. After installing, click on Start.
6. Now connect your iPhone (or iPad) with a USB cable
7. Click on Add button at the top, select the songs you want to transfer to your iOS device and click Add

8. Finally, on the top left of your screen click on Update (This is an important step, without this the recently added songs won’t be updated on your iOS device)

CopyTrans Manager also allows transferring PDFs, Books from PC to iOS device. Its only drawback is that you cannot transfer from iOS device to PC.

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