How to add an SSL (HTTPS) to your site

If you are transacting anything on your site, you probably need SSL (HTTPS) on your site. It helps to keep hackers away from stealing private and valuable credentials from credit/debit cards.

We assume you are familiar with what a web hosting is, what SSL certificates are and how to bulk change links on a site.

1] Login to your Web Hosting Control Panel.

2] Search for SSL/TLS Manager in control panel & enter it.

3] Click on Private Keys (KEY) >> Generate the private key for the domain name.

Select the Key Size (Usually 2048). The key size determines the level of encryption used in the key.
Check with the issuer to determine the key size for the certificate if you are going to be installing a signed certificate.


Give a description and click on generate & Copy it somewhere.

4] Then go on to Generate Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) in the previous menu (3rd option in Picture Above).

Give all basic info and valid email while generating a CSR.

5] Login to the customer using the URL: (for Hostgator) “

Select SSL certificate

Paste the generated CSR here.

6] Select the admin email id, to get the certificate from Comodo. Wait for some time and you will receive an email from Comodo along with a key/certificate.

7] Once you obtain the certificate, go to your control panel. Go to SSL/TLS Manager >> Certificates. Under Upload a New Certificate, paste the key/certificate you obtained and click on Save certificates. Again 3rd option from the above image.

8] Come back to the main menu for SSL certificates and Click on Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)



Select the domain name

Autofill by domain name

Install Certificate

9] You are almost done. Now change all the links (inside) your site to https or else your site will never be shown completely secure.

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