World’s Most Powerful Console – Xbox One X (Project Scorpio Edition)

Microsoft has started taking pre-orders for its most powerful gaming console till date Xbox One X (previously known as Project Scorpio internally) a few days back. It is claimed to be the world’s most powerful gaming console offering 40% more power than the competitor’s offerings by Microsoft.


Xbox One X - Project Scorpio Edition


What is Project Scorpio / Xbox One X Scorpio Edition?

Xbox One X is the outcome of Microsoft’s two years long cutting edge research and groundwork to build the world’s most powerful console to date.


The earlier Xbox One S release was botched up due to numerous reasons which led to Sony gaining the market share with its PlayStation Gaming Console.

Hence Microsoft Xbox division’s Boss Phill Spencer aka Major Nelson revealed at E32016 Annual Gaming Conference last year that they have been taking in the feedback from the gaming community and developers both in particular to avoid any such mishap with this console’s release.

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition Specs:-

CPU: 2.3GHz x 8-core custom Jaguar AMD processor.

Flash Memory: 8GB.

VRAM: 12GB GDDR5 ( 9GB available for games ).


Microsoft claims Xbox One X has a GPU with 6 Teraflops of computing power. Also, the custom modified silicon and 326GBps video memory bandwidth, which is more than even AMD’s RX 480 and Nvidia’s 1080 GPUs.

This translates to the console easily pumping out 4k resolutions in supported games without any downscaling/upscaling or drop in fps as compared to the rival’s console.

What is the rival PS4 Pro offering?

Plagued by terrible past Xbox console launches, Sony’s PlayStation had become the go to console for many people (barring Microsoft fanboys).

Sony managed to pull this off with its PlayStation console with impressive hardware, competitive pricing, good developer support and most importantly PlayStation exclusive game titles.

PS4 Pro Hardware Specs:

CPU: 2.1GHz x 8-core custom Jaguar AMD processor.




Although the PS4 Pro has very good specs but compared to the Xbox One X, it still pales out. Also, it uses dynamic upscaling to scale supported games up to 4k resolution.

The main issue that plagues the PS4 Pro here is that displaying 4k (4 times as many pixels as 1080p) requires quite a generous amount of VRAM (one it doesn’t have) as well as a beefier GPU too.

Pre-order the Xbox One X Now:



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