Send Huge files to Android Using Portal by Pushullet

You are bored from sitting on your computer and you want to transfer many those episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S to your Smart Phone. You must be knowing by now how good the transfer speeds of an android cable is which is supplied by the manufacturer. How can you transfer so many files or huge file sizes to your phone in quick time? Portal by Pushullet is the answer. There are many apps which let you transfer huge files to your phone from your PC in quick time but they all have their limitation. For Eg. WiFi File Explorer doesn’t allow to send files above some particular GBs.

Also, we recently wrote an article about bridging the gap between an Android phone and a PC using two popular Apps which you can read here. [button link=”” window=”yes” button size=”small” bg_color=”#252324″]Bridge the gap between Android/iOS[/button]

We recommend this App because we personally use it daily and is the most convenient to use, even for a layman. The transfer speeds are good and you certainly won’t need a wire nearby like always. All types of files can be transferred and not just video or audio files (unlike other applications). Entire folder transfers are allowed too! All you need to do is first scan the QR code and connect your PC with your phone, then drag and drop all the files you need in your connected browser.

Link for file transfer:

Portal by Pushullet

Get Portal by Pushullet Here: [button link=”” window=”yes” button size=”small” bg_color=”#252324″]Portal – WiFi File Transfers[/button]

Chrome Plugin: [button link=”” window=”yes” button size=”small” bg_color=”#252324″]Portal – WiFi file transfers[/button]