Clipboard Actions: The only Clipboard Organizer you will ever need

There are many applications on the Play Store which promise to improve your time and productivity but how many of them actually do it? Though the feature of cut, copy & paste was invented by Larry Tesler many years ago, it still becomes an issue when you copy a lot of things on your phone and lose it once you copy or cut something else since the clipboard now gets overridden with new content. This is where Clipboard Actions saves the day.

Clipboard Actions is an Android app which is certainly going to improve your productivity and the way you organize things on your phone. Everything you copy will be saved in a flash card type notification on your phone. One thing to laud the developers of this app is that it contains no ads or in-app purchases. In our personal opinion, there are lots of clipboard apps out there but this is the only one you will ever need.

Everything you copy is shown in the status bar as a notification with many different functions that can be done on the content you have copied. It acts as a Clipboard Organizer and helps you with accessing your copied content in few clicks.

Some of its features/functions include:

  • If you copy a link, it will give options to shorten, mail, share etc.
  • Any word you copy, its meaning will be shown in the status bar. (Handy if you are doing GRE Words or so)
  • Any copied content can be searched on google on a single click.
  • Browse between your previous copied content with left/right arrows.
  • Translate text easily in the status bar.
  • You can filter an email address and compose a new email with the found address.
  • Found a place? Go and look it up on the map!

There is much more that you can accomplish with this clipboard organizer and be more productive than you ever were.

It is truly a very lightweight application that keeps running in the background and acts as a savior for many if you forget to save important copied stuff.

Download: Here

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