The Techies Guide is a blog started to help solve basic everyday tech problems and provide latest updates about the new technology and gadgets. We try to be as simple and cogent as possible so that we are able to reach out to the majority of users, both of technical and non-technical backgrounds. We will keep updating and expanding the areas we will write about, if you see something that is not right or needs some correction, please feel free to contact us. Cristisim is always welcomed. If you need to guide to fix something, feel free to drop us a message on Facebook or via email.

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Founded by Divyendra Patil.

Vision & Mission:

Founded as a helping guide to users, we strive hard to give the best of guides & tech on The Techies Guide (thetechiesguide.com).

1] Spread knowledge as much as possible.
2] Provide the most accurate information.
3] Become a reputed name in the field of blogging.